Postdoctoral Position

Circadian Rhythms in Depression in mice and humans

Circadian Biology Group, Department of Psychiatry

Ludwig Maximilian University, Munich, Germany



Funded 3-year position for a post-doctoral fellow. The position is vacant from April, 2018.

Project Outline:

Our environment is characterized by constant changes between day and night. Most organisms, including humans, have evolved so called circadian clocks (internal ~24 h clocks) in order to adapt virtually all physiological processes to these daily changes. A disturbance of circadian rhythms has far-reaching consequences on our health. The focus of our studies is the characterization of causal connections between disturbed circadian clocks and psychiatric and metabolic disorders. The successful applicant’s project will include intensive work with animal models (mice) and human patients. Since the aim is an investigation reaching from molecules to behaviors, the studies will employ a broad spectrum of molecular, genetic, cell/tissue culture, cell imaging, surgical (rodent), and behavioral (rodent) techniques. 

Candidate Requirements:

Applicants should have a PhD in a related field, a demonstrated track record of productivity, and experience in most techniques mentioned above. Experiences in human studies and microdialysis are a plus, but are not required. Our laboratory is seeking for efficient, active, and creative candidates. Qualified candidates will be expected to work both independently and as part of an interactive team. The applicants should feel comfortable with the English language.

What we offer:

The Ludwig Maximilian University is ranked 66thin the world and one of the top-ranked universities in Germany.  Our laboratory is a motivating and supportive environment embedded in the University Clinic for Psychiatry and Psychotherapy. This special location allows a great overlap between basic and clinical research as the close collaboration between researchers and medical doctors is a major goal of the hospital. The attractive field of circadian science opens broad application possibilities and has not only enjoyed great prestige since the award of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 2017.

The following documents should be send by June 15, 2018 at the latest (preferably in pdf format):

  1. detailed CV,
  2. a cover letter with a statement of research interests and career goals,
  3. name, email address and phone numbers of three references.


Dr. Dominic Landgraf

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